Kompetisi Statistika Nasional (KSN)

Kompetisi Statistika Nasional (KSN)

Kompetisi Statistika Nasional (KSN) is one of competitions in The 13th Statistika Ria which can be joined by college students from a lot of universities in Indonesia. The competition consists 4 stages which are : elimination stage, quarter final stage, semi final stage, and final stage. Kompetisi Statistika Nasional is intended to increase creativity, critical thinking, and analytic skill carefully so that the participants will be able to make the best solutions

Download Guideline Announcement of KSN Quarter Finalist

Syllabus of KSN


Statistical Theory

Survey Design

Design and Analysis of Experiments

Regression Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Multivariate Data Analysis

Categorical Data Analysis

Nonparametric Statistics

Timeline of KSN


1st August - 10th September 2018

Preliminary Stage

23rd September 2018

Finalist Announcement

15th October 2018

Finalist Confirmation

15th October 2018 - 21st October 2018

Technical Meeting

9th November 2018

Quarter, Semifinal,Final Stage

10th November 2018 - 11th November 2018

Contact Persons of KSN

Ayu Nawang Asri

0857 0261 9111

Farel Firman

0812 6881 920